On The Anvil

It's been 18 months since the Inception.

What was supposed to be a walk for a lone ranger turned out to be exciting journey with great companions...We have received awesome response, love and acceptability.But the biggest benefit has been the exposure to shortcomings, deficiencies and human learning received through user-base interaction.Mostly based on that and our own empathy, we look forward to presenting a brand new way to address the opportunities & the space we cater to and aspire for.We hope, this new endeavour, would be the right step to fulfil the promise that inspired the start of this Initiative...

"Sarvatra" Edition is still functional being built on a rolling distro mode.It can be downloaded from  .  Additional information is available at    &  .    (Click Respective Icons)

Technical Queries - { TechSupport@PrathamOS.org }      General - { RKK@PrathamOS.org }

In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.

prathamos 2.0 15th august 2016

The original release was planned for 4th July 2016...but we have faced failures for the core functionality planned for this...This will need more time now...Hopefully we can deliver by the new timeline.